Our Team

Who we are

Dr. Anica Zeyen – Director Enterprise Hub

headshot of Anica Zeyen, a white woman with dark blonde hair wearing a blue white and black dress

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at the School of Business and Management and the Founding Director of the Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub. I have previously founded a similar platform for student social entrepreneurs at a German university. Over the last 10 years, I have supported many student entrepreneurs, some of whom went on to win national awards. I am passionate about sustainability – the link between economic, social and environmental aspects. Thus my particular passion is social entrepreneurship or social, environmental or sustainable start-ups. This is also where I focus my research.

Dr. Ankit Gaur – Deputy Director

headshot of Ankit Gaur, an Indian man wearing a suit standing in front of a dar blue backdrop

I’m a Lecturer in the field of Strategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship. I have nearly a decade of industry experience in the spheres of customer service management, marketing, business planning, strategy formulation, regulatory and policy research in the field of Mining, Hospitality, Recruitment and Education sector. I have helped transform multiple traditional firms to entrepreneurial organisations in India, Africa and Middle East.

In my research, I work on wide range of topics related to Entrepreneurship. I have a keen interest in Corporate and Social Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial intentions, Innovation and open data. I’m passionate about teaching and developing entrepreneurial skills in the youth.