IN-novation Festival 2020

We are proud to announce the first ever IN-novation Festival was a great success!!!

Between 19th -21st February 2020 we took students on a two and a half day entrepreneurial journey. This free event was designed to help students grow venture ideas ranging from business ventures to non-profit.

With the help of experts from industry, we set out to help students transition from an idea (no matter how broad or specific) to a working business model.

The festival’s themes changed by day. Day one centred around Ideation, where participants:

  • Identified and focused their ideas 
  • Identified their customer
  • Determined what they can do for their customer

Day two centred around Commercialisation and the Business Model, where participants:

  • Identified how customers could acquire their product or service
  • Determined how to make money off of their product or service
  • Learned how to build and protect their brand
  • Identified the most appropriate legal structures for their venture

Day three revolved around storyboarding, video pitching, and preparing our participants for our seed-funding competition and start up visa application process. We finished our journey with some impromptu team building and marketing games to bring everyone together.

Check it out below:

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