We are back and we have a full calendar of events planned for you. What is even better is that now if you participate in certain events, you can receive a certificate of participation afterwards.

Part of this academic year will still be on zoom but we are also going to host some in-person sessions on campus.

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Current Events

Business Modelling your life

When: 17 November 2022 3-5:00pm

Where: Enterprise Hub Space in EWD

A business model is basically how our business is structured and delivers products or services; how the business creates value; and how the business makes money. Business models are hugely important for us to intimately understand our businesses and prepare to innovate and adapt to technological growth or other external (or internal) changes. By compartmentalizing the complex interlinkages of our businesses and examining them within a frame that emphasizes our value proposition and operating model, a business model provides detailed understanding which can help us find a way to improve our performance. But how can we compartmentalize and examine the complexities of our lives to enhance performance? The journey of an entrepreneur is filled with twist, turns, and many challenges—using a business modelling mindset helps us make sense of these twists and turns. In this workshop we equip you with the tools to incorporate business model thinking in your own lives.

To sign-up: Please visit our eventbrite here

Social for Student Entrepreneurs

When: 17 November 2022 5-6:00pm

Where: Enterprise Hub Space in EWD

Do you want to meet like-minded and active entrepreneurs in your community? Join us in the Enterprise Hub Space to meet one another, discuss, relax, and maybe meet some new teammates. As part of the Enterprise Hub’s mission to create an innovative environment for student entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, we’re excited to create mingling spaces where entrepreneurs can thrive. 

To sign-up: Please visit our eventbrite here

IN-novation Hours

When: 1-2-1 sessions

Where: in the Enterprise Hub Space (ground floor EWD) or virtually

Please book via this link and indicate if you would like to meet in person or virtually. Book here

Past events

Your business ideas, our support

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When: 24 May 2022 3-5:30pm

Where: Enterprise Hub Space in EWD

  Your business ideas, our support 

Are you a budding entrepreneur, or looking to develop business and enterprise skills? Come along to our introductory session on what our College and partners can do for you in supporting your business journey. The event will be taking place on Tuesday 24 May, between 3-5pm, in the new Enterprise Hub, located on the ground floor of the Davison Building. Please register your interest by emailing The event will close with a networking session for 1:1 discussions with the speakers. Discover more.

To sign-up:Please email

Workshop: I’m not an Entrepreneur, am I?

When: Wednesday, 28th October 3.30-5:30pm & Wednesday, 2nd December 3:30-5:30pm (both workshops are identical) Where: zoom
What: Don’t think you’ve got the stuff to be an entrepreneur? You definitely do! If you want to know how, join us for this 1-hour interactive workshop designed to introduce you to the concept of entrepreneurship, the different types of entrepreneurship, and some preconceptions of entrepreneurship. We’ll demonstrate the practicality and relevance of an entrepreneurial mindset and how it shows up in your daily life. This workshop is aimed at students with limited to no knowledge of entrepreneurship who would like to learn more.
Book for 28th October:
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European StartUp Festival

When: 16th – 21st November
Where: Virtual What: Our partners at the European Startup Association are hosting a multi-day virtual innovation and start-up festival. You can register via this link. As our very own Anica is one of the speakers, we got 10 free tickets (first come first serve. To grab one of these tickets, simply use the discount code: Royal

Workshop: What do I want to change and (how) am I doing it?

When: Wednesday, 18th November 2020; 3:30-5:30pm
Where: Zoom
What: Have you ever wondered why some people use the same thing in different ways? Or maybe you’re struggling to figure out why we can’t seem to solve climate change. Why are there things that should be solved, but aren’t?? Maybe the answer isn’t so obvious, or maybe there’s something lurking beneath the surface. Find out with this 2-hour interactive workshop and discover the key to systemic change. From dealing with a cold, to tackling the student debt crisis, to completing your degree, you’ll learn how to address multiple problems from the bottom-up. This workshop is aimed at all those interested in the complexities of daily life. No knowledge of entrepreneurship is necessary

Royal Holloway Innovation Festival

When: 19th February -21st February 2020
Where: The Packhorse
What: Undertake an entrepreneurial adventure over 3 days designed to evolve your ideas into a workable business model, with support from industry experts.

Venture Crawl

We are proud to join the 2020 Venture Crawl.
When: 11th March 2020
Where: all over London
What: will announce more later
How to join: watch our newsletter, this space or our Eventbrite Page.

In-Sight Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Tuesday 3rd March, 3-5pm, Gowar and Wedderburn Common Room Mr Steve West, Former CTO at the Foreign and Common Wealth Office. What’s your Biggest Marshmallow?
Get your place now and register (event is free but registration is required)

On-Campus Events for Entrepreneurs

Tuesday 11th February 1-2pm, Windsor Auditorium, Windsor Building Mr Kam Sethi, Tax Analyst ‘Business Strategy in the Disruptive Environment’

Tuesday 10th March, 1-2pm, Windsor Auditorium, Windsor Building Mr Sasha Becejac, Managing Director, Link Medical Solutions. ‘Why Innovation is essentially about learning, and change is often disruptive, risky and costly’

Wednesday 11th March, 6.15pm, Venue TBC  Mr Sam Gurney, General Secretary, Trades Union Congress, South East Region ‘Employment Relations, International Trends and the Alternatives’

Thursday 12th March, 4-6pm, Shilling Building, Shilling Auditorium Ms Inesa Soghoyan, AWIN marketing agency
Topic TBC