What we do

A brief history

Welcome to the Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub. The one stop platform for business, enterprise and innovation information and inspiration for would be, early and established entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and all those interested in innovation. No matter if you’re interested in founding the next big tech venture or a nonprofit that will change our world for the better, this is the place for you. We at Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub take pride in the student, alumni and academic business and entrepreneurial community that we have and we would like to share with you our knowledge, skills and business and research activities here at Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub.

The Royal Holloway Enterprise Hub started its operation in in September 2017. We are proudly supported by Santander Universities.

What we do for you

Our purpose is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, no matter what kind of venture you wish to start. Even if you are not sure yet if you want to run your own start-up, we offer lots of workshops and activities to help you figure it out. Of course, we cannot guarantee that your venture will be successful but we’ll support you on your journey there.

For all students at Royal Holloway, we provide:

Everything we do this academic year is done virtually.

  • Enterprise Learn-INg: We have developed a blended learning platform where you can find all the things you need to come up with an idea, develop it and turn it into a start-up. If you want to join our Slack platform? Simply send us an email and we will get you sorted.
  • IN-teractive Workshops: We and our external partners run workshops on all stages of the entrepreneurial process: from ideation to growth.
  • IN-sights Talks: come along and listen to the experience of successful entrepreneurs and start growing your network
  • IN-novation Hours: You have an idea for a start-up or are already running your own venture but would like to get some feedback or inspiration? Simply book yourself a slot with our Director Anica or our Ideation and Venture Consultant Emilio.
  • IN-volved blog series: Our new innovative blog series that showcases the amazing research done by our PhD students on start-ups, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • IN-cubator Award: Once a year, we pull together a panel of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship experts to judge your start-up ventures or ideas and the winners receive seed-funding from Santander Universities.

Is there anything missing? Anything else you would like us to offer? Just let us know