Meet the Workshop Leaders

On Tuesday the 3rd of March, the Enterprise Hub will be hosting Ms Susie Braam O’Reilly and Mr Steve West, who will be leading an Uncertainty and Risk Management workshop.

The workshop is called “What’s your Biggest Marshmallow” and will teach students with a venture or venture idea how to approach innovation risk and reduce uncertainty. We are extremely pleased for them to give this workshop and we want to let you get to know them.

Susie has worked in the public sector for 18 years in a wide variety of roles. Since 2015, Susie has been leading efforts in parts of the government to help them innovate at scale. In 2017, she established and ran a multi-agency Counter-Terrorisim Incubator to iteratively design and develop solutions to some of the country’s most challenging and complex national security problems.

Currently Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Susie coaches senior leaders to manage situations of high uncertainty, develop a portfolio of innovation projects and support innovation teams. She is also a certified Strategyzer Innovation Facilitator and certified with FourSight in Creative Problem-Solving.

Susie is passionate about embracing new approaches and ideas, challenging assumptions, replacing ego with data to make decisions and, ultimately, making things better.

Steve works for the UK government, partnering with Venture Capitalists and Tech Startups to bring cutting edge technology solutions to the front line in National Security. He combines experience and skills gathered in private sector with new methods and thinking to operate at pace in a world of uncertainty.

Previously the CTO at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Steve is an experienced technologist. He supported the transformation effort of the FCO to embrace uncertainty and developed the underpinning modern enterprise architecture, centred on an effective innovation pipeline. The benefits of this are starting to be realised.

Steve is an accredited IT Architect and a Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He has a thirst for learning and is passionate about introducing new ideas, approaches and methods to challenge the traditional norms and leverage cutting edge technology to the benefit of the UK.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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