Meet The Guildford Bike Project

The Guildford Bike Project is a charity that operates as a social enterprise repairing, selling, servicing or recycling bikes in Surrey.

Since 2012, the Guildford Bike Project has been operating to educate young people who are left out of traditional education and provide them with opportunities for their development. At the same time, they help address the sustainability of cycling in the region. 

The project is run as a social enterprise, but strictly speaking, it is the trading arm of a registered charity:

On Thursday, the 14th of February, Royal Holloway Students from MN2515: Creative Process Management payed a visit to the project and were given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the complexity of different activities, as well as the sheer volume of bikes, which this organisation deals with.

The Guildford Bike Project welcomes feedback and the students will use this experience to come up with creative ideas to help improve the processes within the organisation and share their ideas with the project’s management team, in due course.

Check out to see some Videos of the experience and to explore some more Student Experiences offered at Royal Holloway.

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