What is your Vision & Mission in Life?

‘If not now, then when? If not me, then who?

It’s the New Year and some of you maybe thinking about the New You when it comes to taking the next step in your business career.  With nearly 500,000 new businesses launched in the UK this year and a government-backed scheme to encourage start-ups, entrepreneurship is the buzz word.  Could you be running a business next year?

Taking her passion for fashion and sustainability alumna Marianne was motivated to set up her first business Knowlabel while in her first term at the School of Management Royal Holloway University of London.  It is a digital clothing label which shows the ethical and social impact of the clothes we wear, and is part of an elite cohort at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation , a year-long training and development programme.

Marianne partly attributes her success in being able to set up a business whilst studying to the entrepreneurial culture and community here at Royal Holloway.  Marianne worked closely with the Royal Holloway Entrepreneurs Society and due to the international community  at Royal Holloway was inspired to study at the University of Hong Kong where she got the idea for KnowLabel. 

Now, just a year on from graduating with a First Class Honours degree in BSc Management Marianne is carving out a highly successful career as an entrepreneur, speaker and award-winning blogger on sustainability in the fashion industry.  Marianne has also made *The Young Real Leaders 2016* list of 100 visionary leaders coming in at number 18.  Find out more here  #inspiration #Motiv8Monday


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