Eco-Luxury Skincare Range provides Happiness in a Pot

Got  a personal problem that needs solving? Have you found a gap in the market that others could benefit from? Alumnus Celmira Amade from the School of Management has done exactly this by setting up her own company – Tsaka (pronouned Saka and means happiness).


Celmira was born and brought up in Mozambique and when she did her undergraduate degree at Royal Holloway, University of London she found it difficult to find natural ethnic skincare products for her melanin-rich skin. In 2013, drawing on the recipes of her grandmother, using botanic and unique African traditional recipes and the purest of ingredients, Celmira has formulated a facemask that is the first product in the TSAKA luxury skincare collection. To help grow her start-up, Celmira splits her time between England where she is completing her studies at the University of Cambridge and Mozambique where she meets her suppliers. Celmira, *congratulations* with #YourCareer. Find out more about Tsaka here.

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